We’ve happily settled into our homes and community at 1733 E.33rd Ave. Four years after the first public meeting at the WISE Hall in February 2012, Vancouver Cohousing became a reality, with move-in at the end of February 2016.

With most kitchens facing into the courtyard, and other ways the architecture supports connection, we’re in touch with who’s around and what’s happening. We can drop in on each other at will (as long as a person’s blinds are open, signalling our welcome.) We help each other, sharing vacuums, wheelbarrows, and sometimes vehicles. We share in carpooling kids to school, or help with care in emergencies. We are good neighbours, which is the whole idea of cohousing.

Our members come from all stages of life and ages, from under 1 year to over 75 – with a wide range of interests. We enjoy regular shared meals in the common house, with everyone taking turns to participate in cooking, cleanup, and in the upkeep of our common property, or adding their special skills.

The common house is the heart of our community with a large dining room, kitchen, lounge, children’s playroom, craft room, laundry, two guest rooms, workshop, bike storage, youth room, shared office, yoga studio, mountain-view roof deck and underground parking.

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