slice 1sinkWe hope to move into our homes at 1733 E.33rd by the end of January. All 29 units for sale are sold. Interested in renting? We have wait pools for two rental units, with tenancies beginning March 1
The 1,055-square-foot three-bedroom unit will be $2,900 a month and the 510 sq. ft. one bedroom will be $1,500. Please understand that cohousing is not social housing or a co-op. We do not have subsidies available, and you are not required to buy a share. Rents are market rates for a new apartment or condo unit with great features. You also get to share our 6,500-sq.-ft. common house.
We expect to begin accepting rental applications online near the end of December. There will be a detailed application process complete with background checks and an opportunity to view the suite for the most suitable candidates at an advanced stage of the screening. We want a good fit. Tenants will not only be renting a home but will also be part of our neighbourly community.
Our community is of mixed ages – including 16 children – and stages of life with a wide range of interests. We plan to have regular shared meals in the common house and all residents, tenants included, will participate in cooking and the upkeep of our common property.
The common house will be the heart of our community with a large dining room, kitchen, lounge, children’s playroom, craft room, laundry, two guest rooms, workshop, bike storage, youth room, shared office, studio, mountain-view roof deck and underground parking
If you wish to join a wait pool and be notified about when we will begin accepting applications, please fill out our inquiry form, indicating whether you are interested in the one bedroom or the three bedroom.
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