1 Cam & Vesanto Canon Beach 2010

Cam Doré is the Executive Director of a local large Non Profit agency based in the Fraser Valley, the HOME Society. He mentors a variety of other non profits. Cam travels as a result of presentations and conferences related to his work with Gentle Teaching International.

His partner for the past 8 years is Vesanto Melina; they enjoy cycling, travelling together, being at WindSong, and taking part in various community activities. One highlight was painting the homes and atriums at WindSong; another was working on the WindSong website

Vesanto Melina is a Registered Dietitian and co-author of ten popular books including “Becoming Vegetarian”, “Becoming Vegan” and “Becoming Raw” and the very new “Cooking Vegetarian”. She writes a monthly nutrition column in Common Ground magazine. Her website is

Vesanto has been a member of WindSong Cohousing Community, based in Langley, for 15 years and is very grateful to have the experience of living in cohousing—though she missed Vancouver.  At WindSong she participates in many aspects of community life, helping to build websites, creating social events, being part of facilitation, gardening, and playing tag with the young children. She enjoys the fact that a person can immerse themselves in the fun of community life at times, and at other times pull back and enjoy solitary pursuits and creativity.

Vesanto has two grown children, a son and a daughter, and a grandson born in December 2011. Cam has two adult twin daughters who work with animals in the film and advertising industry in California.