Creating a cohousing community is a big job!

Here’s a checklist of qualifications to look for in a cohousing consultant, a project manager or a management team:

  1. Knowledge and experience in managing a development of the size and scope you’re contemplating (check references, visit their existing developments – it would be very risky to hire someone who has never done this before).
  2. Familiarity with the municipal process for taking a project through rezoning to the building permit stage
  3. Ability to coordinate the work of the professional team and the general contractor
  4. Knowledge of how to create and manage budgets; the capacity to manage members’ investment, apply for financing, and manage the flow of money throughout the project
  5. Understanding of the legal structure required for development and how to transition from that to home ownership once the project is completed
  6. Capacity to set up an organizational structure that supports member participation, and with the experience and comfort to facilitate the group’s timely planning and appropriate decision-making throughout the process
  7. Good communication and organizational skills, able to be the liaison between the group and the regulatory authorities, professionals, financial institution, and general contractor.

credit: Cohousing Development Consulting

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