People often contact us with questions about the Vancouver Cohousing project and cohousing in general. If you’re looking for information about either of these things, please start with these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What is cohousing?
Where did cohousing begin?

People Who Live in Cohousing

Who lives in cohousing?
Is the cohousing model best for certain family types?
Does Vancouver Cohousing have religious or political affiliations?


Do members own their own homes?
What is the legal status of a typical community?
What if I want to sell my home after completion?
How do you balance public and private space?
Who owns the property?
Who owns the common house?

Community Life

What is a common house?
Do members have to share a kitchen with other members of the community?
What’s expected of members after the development is complete?
How much time is involved?
Is meeting attendance required?
Is this like living in a co-op?
Is this like living in a dorm?
Is this like living in a gated community?
Do I get free day care, elder care, or help if I get sick?